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SIA Suction systems are the result of exhaustive studies and are made by engineers  highly skilled and with a very long experience in the air mechanical field. The company usually cooperates with the technical office of the most important industrial companies. The principle target of the company is always to satisfy the customers, giving the right solution for his needs
In fact, the planning and the assembly of our suction systems is the result of a careful analysis of the environmental typology and of the particular needs we meet.  A special attention is given to energetic saving; where the condition make it possible, the residual products of the processing are recovered by producing thermal energy. The customers confidence is, for us, the best incentive to do better and better.

Planning and realization of pipes and special parts (curves, deviations, collectors, section changes, Aca and terminals, shutters) in zinc-coated sheet iron, in different diameters, according to the specific requirements of each system. Our technical office is at disposition for the planning of the linking and ejection pipes, according to your specific hints.

One of the unique skills of SIA, which has made it a established reality in the air-mechanical field, is the realization of filtering and aspiration systems on demand, planned according to the specific needs of each client.
Filtering groups made by SIA warrant quality and efficiency, thanks to an extensive effort in research and in the use of the most appropriate components an filtering weaves, selected on the basis of the material to be filtered.

SIA plans and produces painting systems, in order to satisfy the most varied work requirements, proposing solutions manual or fully automatic.
Dry painting booths, recommended for water-based varnishes, and water-based booths, ideal for solvent varnishes, represent an economic and easy to maintain solution.

SIA pays particular attention to issues of maintenance to allow easy and rapid actions directed to lower operating costs.

SIA offers to its customers a product completely “Made in Italy”, using technologically advanced machinery, which allow realizations that can match quality, durability and low costs.

The best solution against the noises produced by the working machines is to close them in a soundproofed place.

You can ask the assembly of our systems in each part of Italy and of the world you are. Our technicians for the assembly are different from others for their accuracy and competence, and for the availability they show for the customer’s needs.  

The Service

SIA makes custom-tailored systems to satisfy customer’s requirements with projects conceived by its engineers.

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