We develop advanced technologies to place them at your service.


It has never been so easy and quick to make the finish and treatment of your products perfect.


Over 30 years of experience and innovation allow us to have dedicated solutions for every single need.

Sia Impianti

Our technical office is made up of designers with three decades of experience, always ready and at your service to solve any problem.

Sia Impianti

Plants that purify the Air and respect the Environment

All of our corporate processes adopt a certified quality management system. This corporate commitment has always served to guarantee the constant satisfaction of our customers.

Serving the environment

We have invested considerable resources in researching and innovating our products with the aim of guaranteeing high energy savings and emissions much lower than the current regulatory limits set in the strictest countries.

Certified plants

We don't limit ourselves to simply certifying our products according to the strictest current regulations. The entire design and production cycle is also certified with very high quality standards.

In the sector for more than 30 years

We design and build air intake and filtration plants; manual and automatic painting plants; and dust, shavings and fumes intake and filtration plants for the lumber, plastic, canning, chemical, pharmaceutical, material recycling, metallurgical, and metalworking industries.

We build and install plants

Sia supervises the entire design, building and installation of plants. The company’s principle goal is to always satisfy the customer by offering the ideal solution suited to their needs.

The SIA brand has been a guarantee of professional competence, quality and advanced technology in redeveloping work environments for over 30 years.

"Certified plants" that purify the air and that love the environment for more than 30 years