Advanced technologies for a better world

We develop engineering processes aimed at building plants for air intake and filtration while paying utmost attention to energy savings and pollution. We have been substantially contributing to improving the quality of work and to reducing pollution generated by industrial processes for over 30 years.

Steps taken when we receive a customer’s request:

  • Inspection and analysis of the problems;
  • Engineering study and development of the plant;
  • Technical/economic feasibility study;
  • Negotiation and definition of the plant;
  • Production of the working drawings, specifications and bills of quantities;
  • Construction, transport, assembly and testing;
  • After-sale service.

Our standards of quality are very high, our production processes are certified and the entire supply chain is easily traced and catalogued. Before being shipped, our products are carefully checked and verified in order to supply the customer only perfectly operating plants that guarantee the lowest environmental impact possible with extremely low consumption.

"Certified plants" that purify the air and that love the environment for more than 30 years