SIA’s solutions in the machining sector are advanced as regards the execution of plants that treat fumes, dust and oily mist coming from the manual and automatic machining process of machine tools.

  • Machining with cutting fluid

    Beside the traditional solutions made up of the TCA series of bag filtration units, SIA has developed a series of filtration systems that exploit the principle of coalescence to separate mist and vapours of mineral oils coming from the machining operations. Our systems of the C/OIL and OIL series are today the best technology available.

  • Dry machining

    Thanks to the experience we have gained OVER MORE THAN 30 YEARS, we are able to offer bag or cartridge filtration systems of our STS, PNU, SCC and BRH series suitable for separating dry dust coming from these machining operations. Our range of models is able to meet any customer need, and are suitable for being applied to the following processes:

    • Tool sharpening;
    • Gear toothing;
    • Turning/Milling;
    • Grinding;
    • Spark machining;
    • Pressing;
    • Shearing;
    • Cutting.
  • Hot forming

    SIA's technology includes filters suitable for eliminating fumes produced by the hot forming processes of different materials, such as brass, carbon steel and copper. Without oil being used in the process, the filters of the STS and PNU series offer the best technical solution developed in over thirty years of experience, while the range of OIL and C-OIL filters treats a wide range of flow rates and meets a large number of needs for filtering fumes containing oily mist and other additives.


"Certified plants" that purify the air and that love the environment for more than 30 years