Company Profile

SIA Impianti has been leader in the design and execution of air intake and filtration plants, and of shavings and dust intake and filtration plants for processing wood, plastic, metals, and the recycling of materials and biomasses for over 30 years.

  • It designs and builds purifiers for oily vapours, mist and fumes coming from the machining of machine tools, and designs and builds filters, separators, extractors and purifiers for machining.
  • It builds plants for treating machining scraps in a wide variety of sectors of application.
  • It building painting booths, trolley-mounted filters and an entire range of accessories that make the SIA intake and filtration plants some of the most complete, modern, safe and technologically advanced to be found on the market.

Leader in the design and execution of air intake and filtration plants in all industrial, handicraft and private sectors.

SIA Impianti plays a key role in safeguarding and protecting the health of workers at the workplace by supplying air filtration plants, painting booths, filtering units and other equipment designed to purify work environments in Italy and around the world.

SIA Impianti integrally designs and builds intake plants and filtration plants for purifying and filtering oily fumes, dust and mist, and a wide range of pollutants found in the air of work environments. Its particular company organisation allows it to have every aspect of the production process under its control in order to guarantee its intake plants and air purification plants from both the quality and installation viewpoints by adopting choice materials and employing qualified personnel. The experience it has gained over the years in the industrial intake sectors has led it to develop advanced products in order to become a benchmark in the sector within a short time.

With its air intake and filtration plants, SIA Impiant contributes to a regulated immission of pollutants into the atmosphere by building plants that comply with the current legislation in all countries around the world.

"Certified plants" that purify the air and that love the environment for more than 30 years