Foundry and die casting

Established in 1985, SIA develops machinery and processes for building air intake and purification plants, with attention paid to saving energy and reducing maintenance.

Our experience gained in making plants concerning the foundry sector allows us to boast of several references operating in different production sectors:

  • Die casting (aluminium, zamak, etc.);
  • Sand casting;
  • Shell casting;
  • Metal refineries;
  • Pending degassing;
  • Sand moulded casting;
  • Core shop.

The plants guarantee reduction of fumes, aerosols and dust coming from machining with die casting machinery of different tonnages, smelting furnaces and pending furnaces of various types and sizes in the casting and scorification operations; moulding reels, catenaries and casting lines, shakeouts.

Our range of filters also includes machinery designed and built to sustain high temperature processes.

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