Sheet and metal working

SIA has been active in the air intake and purification sector for over 30 years by presenting itself as a firm that designs, builds and installs plants for treating the emissions of the traditional machining of the mechanical industry.

With its highly qualified and specialised staff, SIA works in the various sheet working sectors, and more precisely:

  • Welding

    As regards welding operations, SIA studies and designs solutions able to meet the needs of all customers. Our CAR-SMOG series of trolley-mounted mobile filters are recommended for filtering welding fumes coming from occasional and irregular machining operations. In the case of continuous machining, SIA designs and develops centralised plants with ADP series metal cell filtration systems or with TCA series fibreglass bag filtration systems. Fumes and fine dust produced during welding operations can be captured by our AL series of mobile arms or through our new suction walls.

  • Grinding

    We are able to offer numerous solutions for all requirements arising from grinding operations, such as making soundproof boxes and booths or modular sectional solutions using soundproof suction walls. The dust coming from this operation is effectively withheld by our PNU, STS, TCA and SCC series of dust separators.

  • Thermal cutting

    Thanks to its many years of experience in this field, SIA designs and makes complete plants for the intake and filtration of dust coming from thermal cutting operations. If the machine does not have them, we are able to supply modular suction tanks complete with microswitches and pneumatic valves in order to limit the suction to only the sectors affected by the torch cutting. By using the STS series of cartridge filtration units, we are able to reduce the concentration of the dust coming from these activities:

    • Laser cutting;
    • Flame cutting;
    • Plasma cutting.
  • Metal finishing

    SIA proposes advanced technological solutions for filtering scraps coming from metal finishing processes thanks to the wide range of specific products. The range of bag and cartridge dust separators of the PNU series and STS series filters dust of machining, such as sanding, while the activated charcoal filters of the ADP series are recommended for surface processes, such as pickling, when there are solvents and aggressive agents present. Other processes to which the SIA filtration technology can be applied are:

    • Grit blasting;
    • Milling;
    • Filing;
    • Polishing.

Sheet and metal

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